Sunday, January 20, 2008

Guillotine tested--psycher approved

Okay, so I was thinkin' (note to self: need to start doin' more of that)... if the Tech Psychers are using their psychic energy (which I am theorizing is generated from their brains) to control their tech suits, then the ultimate realization of that would be to simply chop off their heads, connecting them up to machines that provide their brains with oxygenated blood. Maybe you could even throw in a couple of injectors filled with hormones, adrenaline, whatever... the point is, they're reduced to being disembodied heads... their conciousness being held in check through sheer force of psychic will . After that realization, I was able to come up with an even weirder design for the tech suit. Muse of the day: Schlotzsky's .


andrewQuintiliani said...

Whoa... this has changed my entire perspective... They have Schlotzsky's in atlanta? Where?

Bryan Wynia said...

I really enjoy this concept. Really interesting shapes. Let's see the 3d model now! Severed heads is what z-brush was made for.