Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sophomore attempt at Maya modeling

Here's the port side view of an ancient Egyptian galley that I modelled--using a scant amount of reference material, I might add.

Here's the starboard side.

Here's a view of the stern/aft.

This is just a detail shot of the rigging along the main mast.

This is a view of the navigational platform on bow of the ship.

This is a view of steering platform at the stern.

Another view of steering platform.

View from the starboard oar benches.

Joan D'Arc tutorial front view.

Joan D'Arc tutorial rear view.

Joan D'Arc tutorial medium shot.

Joan D'Arc tutorial close up (the hair texture could stand to be higher resolution).

Joan D'Arc tutorial extreme close up (hair texture definitely needs work).

Robots, robots, robots...

Robot 1 - loosely based on emulating certain muscle shapes via mechanical parts (ballpoint pen).
Robot 2 - based on redesign of assassin droid I created months ago (ballpoint pen).

Robot 3 - organically evolved out of nothing. I dub him: "Ex Nihilo!" (ballpoint pen)

Gothic Horror!!!

Resurrecting my idea of reenvisioning Dracula as a Japanese Shogun (ballpoint pen).
Another drawing of the Japanese Dracula (ballpoint pen).

Bat/man hybrid (ballpoint pen).

Geisha vampire concubine (ballpoint pen).

Wolf/man hybrid (ballpoint pen).

Spider/man hybrid (ballpoint pen).

Snake/man hybrid (ballpoint pen).

Sylized "ape-like" Neanderthals

Biblical Cain represented as an ape-like Neanderthal man with fangs (i.e., first vampire)--(ballpoint pen).

Biblical Cain and Abel represented as ape-like Neanderthals (ballpoint pen).

Biblical Cain (ballpoint pen).

Early forays into modeling using Maya

Swiss Army Knife tutorial render 1.

Swiss Army Knife tutorial render 2.

Jet Bike tutorial render 1.

Jet Bike tutorial render 2.

Human head render 1.

Human head render 2. Since the hair spikes, "soul patch," buttons, et al. were separate objects... I hid them, added a goatee to the face texture and changed the eye color for an alternate render.

Human head render 3. I simply hid the hair and "soul patch" and changed the lighting for a more "hitman" look.

Human head render 4. At this point I just began having fun with the model: changing the color and shape of the "jacket" and "shirt," adding incandescence/glow to the eyes, changed the lighting, etc.

Human head render 5. Again, I made several changes to the jacket/shirt, buttons, increased incandescence of eyes, changed light source, etc.

Human head render 6. Continued messing around with head: changed skin to transparent blinn shader, changed eye color, incandescence/glow, etc.

Old School!

Perusing the yellowing pages of a '98 sketchbook, I found these drawings I created after reading the Lord of the Rings books--that's right, kiddies, before the '01-'03 movies were made. For some odd reason, I decided to do an age regression for Gandalf. It's not based on anything in the books... just something odd I wanted to do(?).

Here's Gandalf upon entering adulthood (ballpoint pen).

Gandalf as a slightly older man (ballpoint pen).

Gandalf as a middle-aged man (ballpoint pen).

Gandalf as an elderly man (ballpoint pen).

Black rider concept (ballpoint pen).

Nazgul concept (ballpoint pen).

Witch king concept (ballpoint pen).

Random stuff

This post is best described as "random stuff"...

Character inspired by the poem "The Hollow Men" by T. S. Eliot (Staedler/Pitt pens).

Embodiment of "evil" (Pitt pens).

Dwarf character concept (Pitt pens).

Goblin character concept (Pitt pens).

Concept art for science fiction game

Lightly armored "psycher" unit--psycher crystals embedded within suit enhance psychic power of soldier. Psychers have access to psy-powers as well as special psy-based weaponry. Psychic abilities substitute for magic abilities within fantasy-based games (Pitt pens).

Heavily armored "tank" unit--no psy-powers, but access to all heavy weapons within game (Pitt pens).

War-torn city is the site of an alien civil war--galactic marines interfere, aiding their ally of choice (Pitt pens).

Makeshift galactic marine bunker established on alien planet--large dropship seen in background (Pitt pens).

Galactic marine tank (Pitt pens).

Alien "tank" (Pitt pens).

Alien mechanized suit (Pitt pens).