Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Sci-fi/Fantasy stuff

I tried to imagine what a wizard, normally associated with a fantasy/Tolkein setting, would look like if placed within a sci-fi environment. First, I designed armor that would provide free range of motion for spells that require physical gestures to cast. Next, I provided a vocal amplifier to enhance the range of spells that require an uttered phrase to be cast. Third, I provided zoom lens/thermal/night vision goggles to enhance the range of spells that require line of sight. I then added pouches for spells requiring physical ingredients and cut the fingers off the gloves for spells that require physical touch. Finally, I created digital spellbook tablets and a wand gauntlet. The armor, of course, would be enchanted using traditional magical methods. Think I played a little too much D&D growing up?
Unlike the Neo-wizard, who draws his power from the outside natural world, the Tech Psycher uses technology to boost his own inner psychic power. While the Neo-wizard uses technology to simply boost his protection and casting skills, the Tech Psycher actually powers and controls his exotic armored suit via psychic power. The suit, therefore, becomes an extension of his own body: an exoskeleton as well as a powerful weapon.

...and, yes, in the future there WILL be huge boots! It's mentioned several times in Nostradamus' quatrains!!!

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