Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Early forays into modeling using Maya

Swiss Army Knife tutorial render 1.

Swiss Army Knife tutorial render 2.

Jet Bike tutorial render 1.

Jet Bike tutorial render 2.

Human head render 1.

Human head render 2. Since the hair spikes, "soul patch," buttons, et al. were separate objects... I hid them, added a goatee to the face texture and changed the eye color for an alternate render.

Human head render 3. I simply hid the hair and "soul patch" and changed the lighting for a more "hitman" look.

Human head render 4. At this point I just began having fun with the model: changing the color and shape of the "jacket" and "shirt," adding incandescence/glow to the eyes, changed the lighting, etc.

Human head render 5. Again, I made several changes to the jacket/shirt, buttons, increased incandescence of eyes, changed light source, etc.

Human head render 6. Continued messing around with head: changed skin to transparent blinn shader, changed eye color, incandescence/glow, etc.

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