Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sophomore attempt at Maya modeling

Here's the port side view of an ancient Egyptian galley that I modelled--using a scant amount of reference material, I might add.

Here's the starboard side.

Here's a view of the stern/aft.

This is just a detail shot of the rigging along the main mast.

This is a view of the navigational platform on bow of the ship.

This is a view of steering platform at the stern.

Another view of steering platform.

View from the starboard oar benches.

Joan D'Arc tutorial front view.

Joan D'Arc tutorial rear view.

Joan D'Arc tutorial medium shot.

Joan D'Arc tutorial close up (the hair texture could stand to be higher resolution).

Joan D'Arc tutorial extreme close up (hair texture definitely needs work).


andrewQuintiliani said...

I went through all your posts, really impressive stuff. I think my favorite are the cain and able neanderthals or the animal/human hybrid heads. I really hope to see more stuff one the japanese vampires and the neo roman stuff. Could get pretty interesting.

I'll be adding you to my site, post-haste!

Joe Karg said...

Jesus man, you weren't playing around with this blog business. Sweet stuff. I really like your 3-D Work. Can't wait to see more. What are you going to be working on during the break?

Bryan Wynia said...

Nice work. Those renders of the ship are looking nice and I really like those robot sketches!

Aaron Ault said...

I'm definitely going to be working on more COLOR stuff... everything from Photoshop sketches using a Wacom to maybe some watercolor work or something. Need... more... color.

Yusuke Sato said...

hello from Japan!
i`m at my uncles right now, but I was looking through your stuff.
I think I`ve seen like 98% of ur stuff from the sketch book and what not, lol. Either way gooood shit.

i need to work on color stuff as well.

It`s pretty cold here....brrr

Keith.little@comcast.net said...

Heya dude, everything is looking great. I sent ya a friend request on xbox live but I know you're busy. Hope all is going well.

Sam Day - Wedding Painter said...

Your images of rigging are really helping me with a biblical painting. Everything I'm finding on Galilean fishing vessels indicates a square rig like this, with an upper AND lower yard. What I can't figure out is whether only the top yard arm raised and lowered, or only the lower, or both? Where did you find your reference? e me at sam at samday.com if you have time.