Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Concept art for science fiction game

Lightly armored "psycher" unit--psycher crystals embedded within suit enhance psychic power of soldier. Psychers have access to psy-powers as well as special psy-based weaponry. Psychic abilities substitute for magic abilities within fantasy-based games (Pitt pens).

Heavily armored "tank" unit--no psy-powers, but access to all heavy weapons within game (Pitt pens).

War-torn city is the site of an alien civil war--galactic marines interfere, aiding their ally of choice (Pitt pens).

Makeshift galactic marine bunker established on alien planet--large dropship seen in background (Pitt pens).

Galactic marine tank (Pitt pens).

Alien "tank" (Pitt pens).

Alien mechanized suit (Pitt pens).

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